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Study effect of climate change on internification / reduction

of climate & atmospheric disastens in Ardabil  Province Iran.

Abstract :

 It has been found that traditional metods to manage natural disastens have been replaced by risk  managemental in Iran .  It has been emphasized on regular prediction together with organized programes on risk management. Temporal & spatial awareness of dominant disasters in a region is the first stage of monitoring them.

In this project historical data of losses due to climatic as well as  atmospheric disasters of different district in Ardabil province including Ardabil , Parsabad , Blehsavar , Germi , Meshghinshar , Namin , Nir , Kosar , Khalkhal cities are studied were analysed & the prone " Area of flash flood , Rain showers , Strong wind , Frast chilling & Drought " were illustrated through maps & graphs.

In overall , it seems to conclude that climate change has not been happened in Ardabil province , but there is oscillation in average precipitation & temperature due to the fact that this oscillation is one of the inhent characteristics of the climate & sometimes there is fluctuation within this oscillation . It revealed that there is no significant relationship between natural disasters & climate change in  Ardabil province & it depends on to Less of data.

Key word

Climate changing           Climate oscillation               Climate fluctuation

Climate showing            Torrential precipitation         Strong wind